Launch of the Scottish ADHD Coalition

Today is the formal launch of the Scottish ADHD Coalition!      Please spread the word in any way you can and encourage anyone in the ADHD community to follow us on Facebook so we can keep them posted on our progress, resources we produce and opportunities to help shape ADHD-related policy in Scotland.  You can download our press release here – Scottish ADHD Coalition launch press release 16 6 17

ADHD Foundation Conference

The 5th annual ADHD Foundation conference will be held in Liverpool on the 9th– 10th November 2017, entitled “ADHD in the Twenty First Century.” 

Bursary discounts are available to anyone who has attended the conference previously, worked with the ADHD Foundation, all SENCOs and nurses.

On the 9th November 2017, there will be speakers from a range of clinical backgrounds  presenting on subjects such as Nurse led ADHD Services, ADHD and Genetics, Transition from Paediatric to adult services and Improving accuracy in ADHD Screening.

On the 10th November 2017, there will be two distinct pathways for delegates to select from. One pathway will focus solely on ADHD and include sessions on ADHD and Challenging Behaviour, ADHD and Literacy and ADHD and Attachment. The second pathway will explore Comorbidities and associated mental health issues and include sessions on Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and Mental Health Tool kits for schools.

To make a booking visit and click “Book Now” on the Conference section on the Homepage.

What ADHD research is needed in Scotland?

Research Priorities for Learning Difficulties in Children and Young People is a project to find out what research is most important to people living with learning difficulties – including ADHD – and those working alongside them. Across Scotland, we’re asking people who have learning difficulties, their families and the professionals working alongside them, to complete a short survey telling us what they would want researchers to find out about learning difficulties. By bringing all the responses together, the project will identify the top 10 research priorities for learning difficulties amongst children and young people. The results will help inform future research work into learning difficulties and the work of The Salvesen Mindroom Centre.  Click here to complete the survey.