Who We Are

The Scottish ADHD Coalition was set up in 2017 to bring together the leaders of voluntary organisations providing support to adults and children with ADHD in Scotland, and their parents, carers and families.

The idea of the coalition came from a meeting held in Dundee in April 2016 where ADHD support groups across Scotland came together for the first time.  The groups shared the many excellent services they are offering – including running youth groups, delivering training for parents and adults with ADHD, enabling peer to peer support and offering information and signposting.

However, ADHD support groups across Scotland face significant challenges.  These include recruiting volunteers over the long term to run them, accessing evidence based information about ADHD to help support members, obtaining funding, making themselves known to families affected by ADHD in their areas, and campaigning for the improvements in public services (such as health and education) which we know are so badly needed.

The aim of setting up a coalition for Scotland is to add to the strength of existing ADHD organisations by joining us together to share ideas and information and to campaign for improvements in services.

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