The Scottish ADHD Coalition ran the ADD Impact programme in Glasgow, Edinburgh and online during 2018-19, thanks to a grant from Shire Pharma. There are no current plans to run the programme again.

ADDImpact is a programme of six workshops, led by and for adults with ADHD working with together with a skilled group facilitator.  The programme provides evidence based information, support and discussion of the different aspects of ADHD so that participants gain a greater understanding and acceptance of how the condition affects them and develop strategies to achieve what they want out of life.

ADDImpact ran in Glasgow during September – October 2018.  Some of the things participants said they most enjoyed included:

“Getting to speak to others with similar difficulties. Finding out about others’ experiences with medication and self-help”

“Everyone has participated in good faith and encouraged each other. Lots of helpful information presented in simple format,”

“Relating experiences and gaining advice. Also helps develop confidence”

“Marianne has been a fantastic facilitator. Very well structured and felt I could be safe enough to ask questions”


The six workshops cover the following topics:

Workshop Overview
1.     What is ADHD?


Symptoms, impairments

Comorbidities: ASD, sensory issues

How we experience ADHD

The advantages and disadvantages of having ADHD

2.     ADHD and your life Inattention, hyperfocus, activation

Risk taking, novelty seeking – rocking the boat, spending

Being physically, mentally or verbally hyperactive

3.     ADHD and emotions Frustration, irritation, anxiety

Mood swings, extreme emotion

Differences between the genders


4.     Medicating and Self Medicating Addictions – eating, smoking, exercise, sex, drinking…..

Prescribed medications

5.     Addressing the fall out of ADHD Low self esteem

Short term gain, long term cost

Insomnia, catastrophising, stress

Short fuse, depression, isolation, hoarding

6.     Making changes The importance of change and how it occurs

Are you ready for change?

Action planning

Moving on – what’s next for this group?


ADDImpact was originally developed in 2014-15 by the charity Addressing the Balance, with funding from the Edinburgh City Council SDS Innovation Fund and input from NHS Lothian staff.