Useful Links

You can find out about local support groups in Scotland via our map of support – click here.

About ADHD

NHS Inform (from NHS Scotland)
A brief overview of the condition

ADHD and me
A 30 minute documentary with Rory Bremner from BBC Radio

ADHD Primer
A great 28 minute video by Dr Thomas Brown, ADHD expert from Yale in the USA, giving overview of what ADHD is and how it affects both children and adults.

Adults with ADHD Self Help Resource
A practical guide produced by NHS Lothian with input from Scottish adults with ADHD

Guides for young people and parents about ADHD
Produced by the ‘Born to Be ADHD’ group of organisations, of which the Coalition is a member, supported by Shire Pharmaceuticals.

Pay Attention UK!
Facts about the cost of untreated ADHD in the UK and the need for more focus to be given to ADHD by UK policy makers

Futurelearn – Understanding ADHD

Learn about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) including ADHD symptoms, the latest research and ADHD treatment.


Other ADHD organisations providing support

UK wide ADHD charity based in London, offering books, conferences and helpline

The ADHD Foundation
Liverpool based charity with a large annual conference, offering teacher training throughout the UK.

The Salvesen Mindroom Centre
Edinburgh based organisation providing direct help and support to parents of children with all kinds of learning difficulties, including ADHD, and services for professionals.

Young Minds
National organisation offering free confidential online and telephone support to any adult worried about the emotional problems, behaviour or mental health of a child or young person up to 25 years old.

Site written by and for adults with ADHD across the UK with practical advice and suggestions about how to go about getting referred for assessment.

Professional organisations and networks

UK ADHD Partnership (UKAP)
Alliance of health professionals working in ADHD.

UK Adult ADHD Network (UKAAN)
Organisation linking health professionals and researchers working on adult ADHD, and also includes a list of support groups for adults with ADHD

ADHD in Scotland – service guidelines and reports

Services over Scotland report 2012
Report by Health Improvement Scotland following up on earlier work and giving an overview of ADHD diagnosis rates and services across the country.

SIGN guideline on ADHD
Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network guidance on how ADHD should be diagnosed, treated and managed in the NHS in Scotland (published October 2009).  They have also produced a specific parent version of the guideline in leaflet form, covering only medication – which you can read here.

Guidelines published by the Scottish Adult ADHD Working Group of the Royal College of Psychiatrists in 2017 to guide services for adults with ADHD about what they should deliver.

NICE guideline on ADHD
The latest guidance from the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (published March 2018) explaining what the research evidence says about how ADHD should be diagnosed and treated in the NHS.  Although NICE guidelines are for England and Wales, not Scotland, many clinicians in Scotland refer to them and follow them because they take into account the best research evidence available.

Dual Diagnosis Guidelines report

Dual Diagnosis of both Autism and ADHD. A report by leading experts on the subject of ‘co-occurring Autism and ADHD’.

Takeda – ADHD in the criminal justice system

ADHD and education

The national advice service for Scotland on additional support needs in school, and they have lots of useful information on their website about what you can expect and ask for as a parent.  They also have a helpline on 0345 123 2303.

Education Scotland Parentzone
A guide to what the Additional Support for Learning Act means about how education services should support pupils who need extra support – including those with ADHD.

Govan Law Centre
The Education Law Unit at Govan Law Centre provide expert legal representation to parents and pupils whose needs may not be being appropriately met.   They also provide a free service ‘Let’s Talk Additional Support Needs’, in partnership with the charity Kindred.

Not fine in school
A website dedicated to providing support for families and professionals about children who are struggling or refusing to attend school for a variety of reasons.  Some of the information and terminology is more relevant to England than Scotland – but lots of useful information.