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New data highlights increase in children’s antidepressant prescribing in Scotland

New data obtained by the BBC shows a concerning rise in antidepressant prescribing for children in Scotland. In this comment we highlight that undiagnosed ADHD and ASD can be one thing which gives rise to mental health problems in young people. As well as treatment for anxiety and depression, much could be achieved if young […]

Adults with ADHD in Scotland denied assessment

If you have received a letter anything like this, please get in touch with us.  ADHD is recognised by NICE, the World Health Organisation, the Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network, the Royal College of Psychiatrists and the Scottish Government, and indeed improving services for ADHD was the subject of three recent parliamentary debates in Westminster and […]

ADHD’ers in Fife launched

A new ADHD Support Group for both parents and adults has just been launched in Fife and will have input from Fife CAMHS and the Coalition. Big well done to Andi Paddon for getting it off the ground. Join their Facebook group via

Salvesen Mindroom University of Edinburgh study looking at learning in ADHD

The Salvesen Mindroom Centre Research Centre team at the University of Edinburgh would like to say thank you to everyone from the Glasgow ADHD groups that volunteered to help us pilot our new study looking at learning in children with ADHD. Now this pilot study has been completed we are starting the official recruitment stage of the project. This study is […]

MSPs debate the portrayal of ADHD in the media

Today’s debate in the Scottish parliament was opened by Daniel Johnson MSP with an inspiring speech describing the strengths which having ADHD give him as a politician, and his anger at the misinformation about ADHD which still circulates.     This was the first debate about ADHD in the Parliament and is a testament to the […]

MSPs will debate ADHD on 5th June

GOOD NEWS – there will be debate about ADHD in the Scottish parliament on Tuesday 5th June just after 5pm, sponsored by Daniel Johnson MSP.… We have sent the attached briefing to all MSPs about ADHD issues in Scotland. If you have anything you would like your local MSP to raise, you could email […]