Adult ADHD highlighted on the Victoria Derbyshire show

Adult ADHD was discussed on the BBC2 Victoria Derbyshire show this morning, featuring Michelle Beckett of ADHD Action, Jo Platt MP and Abi Nicol, co-moderator of the ADHD/ASD UK Community Support Facebook group which has over 66,000 members. The feature highlighted the fact that adult ADHD has only been fully recognised in the past 10 years, but that adults with ADHD benefit enormously from diagnosis and treatment. Michelle described how the (unquantified and likely minimal) risks of medication for adult ADHD can be far outweighed by the mental health risks of ADHD remaining untreated. Other participants to the programme talked about the importance of other therapies alongside medication to help adults with ADHD manage their lives, and the patchiness of NHS services for adults.

You can watch the clip on our Facebook page here.

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