NICE new draft guideline on ADHD out for consultation

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, the NHS body which guides NHS provision in England, has produced a new draft guideline on ADHD which is out for consultation until October and available at this link.

Among the recommendations are that GPs should look particularly carefully for girls with ADHD, as their symptoms may be much less obvious than in boys.    The guidance also reiterates that special diets, such as eliminating nuts, milk and wheat, or cutting out artificial colours, will not improve ADHD symptoms.   Importantly the guidance recommends that NHS teams should offer parents and carers of all children with ADHD group-based ADHD-focused support that includes education and information on causes and impacts of ADHD and advice on parenting strategies.

Although the guidance will not apply directly in Scotland, many clinicians across Scotland look to NICE guidance for high quality evidence to inform practice, so the availability of this up to date information is welcome.

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