Parent training

Studies have shown that behavioural parent training for parents of children with ADHD is very helpful.  Although it doesn’t change the core symptoms of ADHD, it can:

  • Increase parents’ confidence and reduce the stress which goes with having a child with ADHD
  • Improve children’s behaviour and reduce conduct problems
  • Improve children’s ability to manage their symptoms and function well in society

Parents do not need training because they have fallen short or because their parenting has led to their children’s ADHD – rather, they need training because they need super-parenting abilities to manage a child with ADHD in the family.   For this reason, the SIGN Guideline on ADHD recommends that behavioural parent training should form one part of the treatment available to parents of pre-adolescent children with ADHD if they have symptoms of oppositional behaviour, aggression or anxiety.

Many Child and Adolescent Mental Health teams around Scotland offer two ADHD-specific behavioural training programmes which were developed in NHS Fife.  These run over 6 weekly sessions and are:

  • Parents In Control (Parents INC) for parents of younger children with ADHD
  • Young People In Control (YPinC) for parents of adolescents.

More details are available on the flyers available on the NHS Fife Moodcafe website.   If you are a parent, ask your local CAMHS team if they offer training like this.

Parents INC is also available privately via ADHD Direct.

In some areas, other programmes such as the New Forest Parenting Programme are available.