NHS Fife HSCP holds ADHD Youth Conference

NHS Fife this week held a conference for young people with ADHD.

Five inspiring ‘Young ADHD Ambassadors’ led an innovative conference “Your ADHD: Your Voice” for 30 other Fife youngsters with ADHD on Saturday. The conference was supported by the NHS Fife ADHD team and part of the Scottish Government Year of the Young Person initiative.
The children all had great fun taking part in a series of workshops run by the Young ADHD Ambassadors. In one they used art materials to show what their ADHD looks like and feels like to them. They also enjoyed an improv drama workshop around teaching other people about ADHD, supported by staff from Dundee Rep Theatre. A third session focussed on the children exploring their own ‘ADHD superpowers’.  The day was a great success, enjoyed by all, and provided an excellent opportunity for our young people’s voices to actively shape future NHS Fife ADHD services.

How great it would be if this would encourage other Health and Social Care Partnerships to do likewise…

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