To Followers

The Scottish ADHD Coalition was originally established in 2018 with two very distinct aims:

1.       To assist local support groups by sharing help and experience, and help others to be formed.

2.        To lobby at national level for an improvement in services, including assessment and diagnosis, for families affected by ADHD.

We were clear at the time that our own limited capacity would restrict us in providing direct support to individuals and acknowledged this in terms of balancing our funding stream with the demand projected for our services.

Since then, however, it has become obvious that the Coalition has become one of several focal points for people seeking help in order to address huge levels of local unmet need and we have had to re-evaluate the founding mission of the organisation.

In simple terms, the Coalition now needs to re-structure and expand, and to explore novel funding streams in order to achieve this.

To that end, we will be suspending operations for a period of time the facilitate to recruitment of new board members and to negotiate with OSCR a change in the charity’s mission. We will also seek additional funding to finance the appointment of paid officers to monitor and respond to requests for help. This will inevitably take some time and we ask that you bear with us as we attempt to address the challenges that we face.

We also believe that we have an obligation to reach-out to other ADHD-related services in Scotland to ensure that we do not duplicate or conflict with their own aims, and to explore options when re-designing our own organisation to best meet what has been a very significant increase in need.

Our social media presence will be suspended for a period of time while we go through this process but we will keep you updated on developments.

Thank you for your understanding,


Bill Colley (Chair)